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Legends of the Dark Ages
Publisher: RPG Objects
by Spencer H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/24/2010 22:07:59

(I wrote a long detailed review, but the site timed me out I lost it, so ...)

Good: several alternate character classes suited for a humans-only, low-magic setting.

Good: 14-page summary of the history of Europe from the fall of Rome until the end of the reign of Charlemagne.

Good: production values (layout, interior art, maps, etc).

Interesting: alternate character origins ("bloodlines"), alternative to alignment system ("nobility").

Possibly interesting (YMMV): alternate spellcasting classes and spellpoint system (I skimmed it a couple minutes only, as not needed for my current game).

Summary: a solid product with good production values, but nothing jumped out at me enough to want to rate it a 5, but NOTE I am highly familiar with the historical period and basically 1/4 of the main PDF covers stuff I already knew. That's more of a value-per-price type of issue though, not a reflection on the quality of the material itself.

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Legends of the Dark Ages
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