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by Michael T. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 04/25/2011 20:58:58

This set includes a wide variety of military rules for d20 Modern.

BLOOD & GUTS: This is the premiere military supplement, and nobody covers it better than Charles Rice. It includes rules covering all the major Special Forces, advanced training and elite units (modified versions of occupations), a variety of additional rules for combat, a host of military equipment including vehicles and weapons, and a Battlefield Unit Combat (BUC) system to simulate large battles. The section rounds out with rules for game mastering a military and special ops campaign. The military aspect of D20 Modern caught the creators by surprise – it's what led to the surge in popularity of Spycraft. Blood & Guts scratches that itch and then some, making it feasible to play a military D20 Modern game. Once you've read Blood & Guts, it's hard to conceive playing any military ops campaign without these rules. 5 out of 5.

SOLDIERS: Blood & Guts covered the more glamorous Special Forces but not the main branches of the military. Soldiers aims (pun intended) to correct that. By necessity, Soldiers starts out broad with advanced classes like Airman, Grunt, Leatherneck, and Specialist. They are rounded out by Military Operational Specialty (MOS) packages. This supplement, while filling a critical role, is light on fluff. 3 out of 5.

MODERN DISPATCH #6: This Dispatch features the 172nd Infantry Brigade, a multi-terrain unit that features land, sea, and air capabilities. If the 172nd Brigade is reminiscent of G.I. Joe, then Dispatch #6 is Snow Job (look him up). In addition to a handful of new feats there's also the Arctic Warfare Specialist advanced class, unique to the Brigade's training in arctic warfare. This is a handy little supplement but of a very specific use – any game master not playing in the arctic will give it a pass. 4 out of 5.

MODERN DISPATCH #15: This Dispatch requires Blood and Guts, War on Terror, and Soldier. It features a scenario in which members of Task Force 121 (the PCs) are sent to act as bait for a counterterrorist operation. Their mission: set up shop (literally) in a liquor store and capture the terrorists who attack it. My players managed to capture a terrorist but not before he fired off a Stinger. The supplement also features an advanced class, the Field Agent. The Field Agent class is most likely joined by the Charismatic Hero, which is odd since the majority of its abilities are all combat-focused. In particular, Silent Kill is basically the D&D 3.5 rogue's sneak attack ability, with up to 5d6 additional damage at 10th level. It's a powerful class. 4 out of 5.

WAR ON TERROR: This supplement does for terrorists what Blood & Guts did for military. Terrorism is hardly uniform and so there are a variety of forces who fight them on their own terms: the U.S. Secret Service, SWAT, and even the Y-12 Special Response Unit. The terrorist classes are grouped by archetype: Demagogue (Charismatic), Guerilla (Strong), Organizer (Smart), the generically named Terrorist (Fast), and the Zealot (Dedicated). The Terrorist has a a sneak attack ability similar to the D&D 3.5 rogue, and the Guerilla, Terrorist, and Zealot all have a suicide attack special ability that raises the massive damage save by the class level (up to 25 at 10th level). Of more value is the myriad terrorist organizations and stat blocks for each grouped into low-level (2-3 levels), medium-level (5-8 levels), high-level (9-14 levels), and extreme (15-20 levels). Need terrorist foes? War on Terror's got you covered. 4 out of 5.

IN HER MAJESTY'S SERVICE: The supplement Rice always wanted to write, this supplement does for the British special forces what Blood & Guts did for American forces. It includes advanced classes for a wide variety of units, including the infamous Special Air Service (SAS) and the Special Intelligence Service (MI-6, Her Majesty's Secret Service). It also includes equipment, feats, and elite units particular to the U.K. 4 out of 5.

INSIDE VOSSBERG SUPERMAX: The reason I bought the supplement, this supplement covers a super maximum prison. In addition to detailing Vossberg's security, it has a motley rogue's gallery of the worst of the worst, from mercenaries to gang leaders. There is also a Banger advanced class and the U.S. Marshals prestige class. Throughout the supplement are sprinkled adventure hooks. There's surprisingly few maps of the facility; Vossberg is big on character and less on technical details. 3 out of 5.

Overall this collection of supplements just can't be beat for the price. It's a must for any d20 Modern military campaign.

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Blood and Guts (1st Edition) Bundle
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